Swoole is a production ready Async programming framework for PHP

Enables PHP developers to write high-performance, scalable, concurrent TCP, UDP, Unix Socket, HTTP, WebSocket services in PHP programming language without too much knowledge about non-blocking I/O programming and low-level Linux kernel.

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Compared with other async programming frameworks or softwares such as Nginx, Tornado, Node.js, Swoole has the built-in async, multiple threads I/O modules. Developers can use sync or async API to write the applications. Swoole PHP network framework enhances the efficiency of R&D team, enable them to focus on the development of innovative products.

Event-driven, asynchronous programming for PHP

Async TCP/UDP/HTTP/WebSocket/HTTP2 client/server side API

IPv4/IPv6/UnixSocket/TCP/UDP and SSL/TLS support

Fast serializer/unserializer

High performance, Scalable, Support C1000K

Milliseconds Task Scheduler

Open source


Use cases

Mobile API server

Internet of things

Micro Services

Web applications

Gaming servers

Live chat systems