Process Pool

Manage a pool of Linux worker processes with Swoole. It can be used to manage a group of worker processes to process messages in MQ like Redis or sent from client side. Native Linux commands can also be executed by the pool of processes.

When a process in the pool is terminated, the pool starts a replacement process automatically.


  • Swoole\Process\Pool::__construct
  • Swoole\Process\Pool->set
  • Swoole\Process\Pool->on
  • Swoole\Process\Pool->getProcess
  • Swoole\Process\Pool->listen
  • Swoole\Process\Pool->start
  • Swoole\Process\Pool->shutdown
  • Swoole\Process\Pool->write


  • Swoole\Process\Pool->on('start', fn)
  • Swoole\Process\Pool->on('stop', fn)
  • Swoole\Process\Pool->on('workerstart', fn)
  • Swoole\Process\Pool->on('workerstop', fn)
  • Swoole\Process\Pool->on('message', fn)


    $workerNum = 10;
    $pool = new Swoole\Process\Pool($workerNum);
    $pool->on("WorkerStart", function ($pool, $workerId) {
        echo "Worker#{$workerId} is started\n";
        $redis = new Redis();
        $redis->pconnect('', 6379);
        $key = "key1";
        while (true) {
             $msgs = $redis->brpop($key, 2);
             if ( $msgs == null) continue;
    $pool->on("WorkerStop", function ($pool, $workerId) {
        echo "Worker#{$workerId} is stopped\n";