Swoole\Table - Swoole Table Documentation

Swoole table is a high performance memory management module, implemented based on shared memory and spin lock. It can be used by multiple processes: worker process or task worker process.

One row can be modified and accessed by multiple threads or processes.

Swoole table provides a two dimensions memory table for developers.

Why using Swoole Table

  • High performance, the single thread read/write speed is more than 2 millions per second.
  • Share varialbes across multiple threads or processes.
  • Store counters in your application.

    Basic usage of Swoole Table API, Access as Array:

    $table = new Swoole\Table(1024);
    $table->column('id', Swoole\Table::TYPE_INT);
    $table->column('name', Swoole\Table::TYPE_STRING, 64);
    $table->column('num', Swoole\Table::TYPE_FLOAT);
    $table['apple'] = array('id' => 145, 'name' => 'iPhone', 'num' => 3.1415);
    $table['google'] = array('id' => 358, 'name' => "AlphaGo", 'num' => 3.1415);
    $table['microsoft']['name'] = "Windows";
    $table['microsoft']['num'] = '1997.03';
    $table['google']['num'] = 500.90;

    More Swoole Table Example: /docs/modules/swoole-table-example

    Swoole\Table->__construct(int $table_size [, $conflict_proportion = 0.2 ])

    Create a Swoole Table with defined rows.

    int Swoole\Table->column(string $name, string $type [, int $size ])

    Set the data type and size of the columns.

    void Swoole\Table->create()

    Create the swoole memory table.

    void Swoole\Table->set(string $key, array $value)

    Update a row of the table by $row_key.

    int Swoole\Table->get(string $row_key, string $column_key)

    Get the value by $row_key and $column_key.

    void Swoole\Table->del(string $key)

    Delete a row by $row_key.

    bool Swoole\Table->exist(string $key)

    Check if a row is existed by $row_key.

    void Swoole\Table->incr(string $key, string $column [, int $incrby])

    Increment the value by $row_key and $column_key.

    void Swoole\Table->decr(string $key, string $column [, int $decrby])

    Decrement the value by $row_key and $column_key.

    int Swoole\Table->count()

    Count the rows in the table, or count all the elements in the table if $mode = 1.

    int Swoole\Table->getMemorySize()

    Count the rows in the table, or count all the elements in the table if $mode = 1.

    void Swoole\Table->destroy()

    Destroy the memory table.

    PCRE is needed for following function:

    void Swoole\Table->rewind()
    void Swoole\Table->next()
    array Swoole\Table->current()
    string Swoole\Table->key()
    bool Swoole\Table->valid()
    Iterator and Countable

    The iterator and countable depends on pcre-devel

    foreach($table as $row)
    echo count($table);