Swoole\Table - Swoole Table Documentation

Swoole table is a high performance memory management module, implemented based on shared memory and spin lock. It can be used by multiple processes: worker process or task worker process.

One row can be modified and accessed by multiple threads or processes. Global variables can be shared or used by multiple Swoole Worker processes.

Swoole table provides a two dimensions memory table for developers.


Why using Swoole Table

  • High performance, the single thread read/write speed is more than 2 millions per second.
  • Share variables across multiple threads or processes.
  • Store counters in your application.

Basic usage of Swoole Table, Access as array:


$table = new Swoole\Table(1024);
$table->column('id', Swoole\Table::TYPE_INT);
$table->column('name', Swoole\Table::TYPE_STRING, 64);
$table->column('num', Swoole\Table::TYPE_FLOAT);

$table['apple'] = array('id' => 145, 'name' => 'iPhone', 'num' => 3.1415);
$table['google'] = array('id' => 358, 'name' => "AlphaGo", 'num' => 3.1415);
$table['microsoft']['name'] = "Windows";
$table['microsoft']['num'] = '1997.03';

$table['google']['num'] = 500.90;

More Swoole Table Example: /docs/modules/swoole-table-example

Iterator and Countable

The iterator and countable depends on pcre-devel

foreach($table as $row) {
echo count($table);