Swoole memory management

Swoole provides 6 different memory operation APIs: Lock, Buffer, Table, Atomic, MMap, Channel which can be used when developing multiple process programs.

All these API are async and non-blocking, multiple-process safe. Don't have to warry about the data sync issues.

Swoole Lock

Swoole locks enable PHP developers use locks for data synchronization between multiple theads or processes.

Swoole Atomic

Integer variable allows any processor to atomically test and modify. Implemented based on CPU atomic instructions.

Swoole Buffer

Memory management module enable developers managing memory like C language without worrying about memory allocation, release.

Swoole Table

Swoole table is a high performance memory management module, implemented based on shared memory and spin lock.

Swoole MMap (Depreciation)

Swoole provides the api to use mmap for files access.

Swoole Channel (Depreciation)

Memory data structure likes Chan in Golang, implemented based on shared memory and Mutex locks. It can be used as high performance message queue in memory.