Open Swoole Frameworks

Swoole open source ecosystem and PHP frameworks

Open Swoole is an open ecosystem and supports the most popular PHP frameworks: Laravel, Symfony, Mezzio, Slim etc.

Laravel Octane

Laravel Octane supercharges your application's performance by serving your application using high-powered application servers, including Swoole and RoadRunner. Octane boots your application once, keep it in memory and then feeds it requests at supersonic speeds.

Mezzio Swoole (Zend Framework / Laminas Project)

mezzio-swoole enables an Mezzio application to be executed with the Swoole extension. This means you can run the application from the command line, without requiring a web server.

Symfony runtime for Swoole

The Runtime Component decouples the bootstrapping logic from any global state to make sure the application can run with runtimes like PHP-FPM, ReactPHP, Swoole, etc. without any changes.

Slim Swoole

This is a brige library to run Slim framework Slim framework applications using Swoole engine.


A coroutine framework that focuses on hyperspeed and flexibility. Building microservice or middleware with ease.

Easy Swoole

EasySwoole is a resident memory-based distributed PHP framework based on Swoole Server. It is designed for APIs and gets rid of the performance loss caused by process evoke and file loading in traditional PHP running mode. EasySwoole highly encapsulates the Swoole Server and still maintains the original features of the Swoole Server. It supports simultaneous mixing of HTTP, custom TCP, and UDP protocols, allowing developers to write multi-process, asynchronous, and highly available applications with minimal learning cost and effort.