Swoole Server task

mixed Swoole\Server::task ( string $data [, int $dst_worker_id [, callable $callback ]] )

Send data to the task worker processes.

To call this method, it needs to set the configuration of task_worker_num and the callback function of onTask and onFinish This method is non-blocking and return immediately after sending the task data to the pool of task worker.


  • $data the data which is to send to the task worker, its type could any type except fot resource
  • $dst_worker_id the id number of task worker. If this parameter hasn't been passed, the swoole server would select a random and unoccupied task worker process.
  • $callback the callback function be called when the task has been finished. If this parameter has been passed, there is no need to register the callback function of the event of onFinish


If the call of this method succeeds, the return is the task id which identifies the task If the call of this method fails, the return is false


$task_id = $server->task("some data");

$server->task("taskcallback", -1, function (Swoole\Server $server, $task_id, $data) {
    echo "Task Callback: ";
    var_dump($task_id, $data);