Swoole\Server->on('task', fn)


Swoole\Server->on('task', callback $callback)



The event name


callback function



if success, it returns TRUE, otherwise it returns FALSE.


Executue the callback function when receving Task.

The event Task is emitted when a Worker Process sending task data to a Task Worker Process pool.

The Task Worker Process receiveing task data calls the callback function registered on the event task.

When a Task Worker Process is processing the task, it's status is changed to be BUSY and the status is changed to be IDLE when finishing the task.

Return task result to Caller

In the callback function registered on event task, the return value of this function is the result of task will be sent to the Worker Process senting the task. You can also return the result of a task by call Swoole\Server->finish().

When the worker process has received the task result, the event finish is triggered and execute the callback function on event finish.

Callback function

function (Swoole\Server $server, int $task_id, int $from_worker_id, mixed $data) {