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Client Packages


  • hyperf/crontab - The cron component for Hyperf, allowing jobs to run at intervals of seconds.
  • osgochina/swoole-crontab - A Swoole-based crontab schedule. It allows jobs to run at intervals of seconds, and is fully compatible with crontab syntax.



  • Swoole Tracker - An online service to track and analyze the performances of PHP/Swoole applications. Key features include memory leak detection, performance analytics, and runtime stats. Chinese version only.
  • swoole/debugger - A remote debugger of Swoole. By adding one-line of code, you can debug your application remotely using a rich list of commands.
  • swoole/sdebug - A fork of Xdebug to debug Swoole applications.
  • upscale/swoole-blackfire - Blackfire profiler integration for Swoole web-server.
  • yasd - Yet Another Swoole Debugger.

Development Environment


Framework Integration

To run PHP/PHP-FPM frameworks using Swoole


Message Queue

SOA governance


  • hyperf/task - The task component for Hyperf, providing an easy way to add and dispatch tasks to task workers in Swoole.
  • kcloze/swoole-jobs - An efficient Swoole-based job queue system.
  • swlib/archer - A Swoole-based task component, with different runtime modes supported: serial queue, concurrent queue, defer, timer, etc.

Third-party SDK



Swoole Books

Fantastic Swoole-related books

  • Mastering Swoole PHP - Build your high performance large scale concurrent system in a more flexible and efficient way than ever before with this first & only Open Swoole book, with PHP 8 ready.

Swoole Videos

Fantastic Swoole-related videos