Awesome Swoole

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  • Donkey - An async crontab application by Swoole.
  • multiprocess - Easy to make the common PHP/Python/JS...script change daemon and multi-process execution.
  • statistics - A web monitor system by Swoole.
  • swoole-jobs - Dynamic multi process worker queue base on swoole, like gearman but high performance.


  • hprose-swoole - Hprose asynchronous client & standalone server based on swoole.
  • mqtt-server - A simple swoole mqtt server.
  • Dora-RPC - An RPC For the PHP MicroService by Swoole.
  • swoole-grpc - A GRPC implement based on Swoole Http2 Server.


  • php-amqplib - A PHP coroutine client for RabbitMQ base on Swoole extension.
  • zmq - ZeroMQ bindings for Swoole.
  • swoole-http-client - An async http client in compatible with psr7 request and response.
  • Guzzle-Swoole - A coroutine handler for Guzzle.
  • Saber - a human-friendly, high-performance HTTP client component that has almost everything you can imagine.



  • TSF - A coroutine and Swoole based php server framework in Tencent.
  • easyswoole - Use swoole easily just like echo "hello world";.
  • Swoft - A modern high performance AOP and coroutine PHP Framework based on Swoole.
  • Blink - A high performance web framework and application server in PHP.
  • FastD - A high performance PHP API framework.
  • zhttp - A light weight web framework.
  • php-msf - A micro service framework developed by Camera 360 team.
  • mixphp - A light weight yet hight performance web framework.
  • GroupCo - A web framework for API, Http server, RPC server, micro service and high concurrency use cases.
  • Igni - Psr-compatible micro-framework for rest services.
  • Siler - Flat files and plain-old PHP functions rocking on a production-grade, high-performance, scalable, concurrent and non-blocking HTTP server.
  • Hyperf - a coroutine framework that focuses on hyperspeed and flexibility, specifically used for build microservices or middlewares.
  • imi - a high-performance coroutine application development framework based on PHP Swoole, which supports the development of HttpApi, WebSocket, TCP, UDP services.
  • One - a minimalist, high-performance PHP framework that supports the [swoole | php-fpm] environment


  • Sworm - A PHP NotORM-like database library based on Swoole for simple working with data in the database.
  • swoole2-mysqlpool - A MySQL connection pool.
  • laravel-swoole-cp - A swoole connection pool for Laravel.
  • mysql-proxy - A MySQL proxy with connection pool and read/write splitting support.
  • SMProxy - A MySQL database connection pool based on MySQL protocol and Swoole.


  • laravel-swoole - ❤️ A high performance HTTP sever based on Swoole. Speed up your Laravel or Lumen applications. This repo is maintained by Swoole Taiwan Community.
  • Lawoole - A combination framework with Swoole and Laravel.
  • laravel-swoole-jsonrpc - The JSON-RPC server and client based on Swoole, for Laravel and Lumen framework.
  • lumen-swoole-http - A bridge from Swoole to Lumen.
  • laravel-s - Speed up Laravel/Lumen by Swoole, 'S' means Swoole, Speed, High performance.
  • Slim-Swoole - Convenient library to run SlimPHP applications with Swoole.
  • zys - A high performance service framework based on Yaf or Swoole.
  • yii2-swoole - An integration with yii2 and Swoole.
  • phwoolcon - An integration with Phalcon and Swoole.
  • zend-expressive-swoole - Swoole support for Expressive applications.
  • Swoole Bundle for Symfony - Symfony integration with Swoole to speed up your applications.


  • docker-swoole-webapp - Simple Docker-image to build your applications based on Swoole PHP extension.
  • Docker Image for Swoole - This image is built for general-purpose. We have different examples included in this Git repository to help developers to get familiar with the image and Swoole.


  • jegarn - A chat system, based on Swoole, redis and msgpack.


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